Anju Married Nasrullah, Named Fatima Adopted Islam Anju News

Anju Nasrullah News:34-year-old Anju from Rajasthan had gone to Pakistan to meet her lover Nasrullah, befriended her on Facebook, then fell in love with him. Anju has converted to Islam after reaching Pakistan and wants to marry Nasrullah. is also happening, it can be clearly seen that Anju has married Nasrulla.

Anju Nasrullah Married Adopted Islam

Anju reached Pakistan from India through Wagha border, Anju reached Pakistan legally, married Anju Nasrulla, Anju has left Christianity and adopted Islam and has given new Islamic name Fatima.Anju has accepted Islam in Pakistan and has accepted it by partnering with Nasrullah. By the way, Anju was giving false consolation when she was asking to come to India, but she got married to Nasrullah in Pakistan on Tuesday.


Anju was born in Kailor village of Uttar Pradesh and lived on rent in Alwar, Rajasthan. Nasrulla and Anju became friends through Facebook in 2019. They met on Facebook and both of them talked on Facebook, after which they both fell in love. Nasrulla rejected the claims of having a love affair with Anju and said that they have no plans to get married. And Anju will return home on August 20 after the visa period is over, but yesterday Anju’s video has gone viral in Pakistan, it is clearly seen that Anju has married Nasrullah.

Lived in Rajasthan, her husband and her two children also lived with her. Anju’s eldest child is 15 years old, after that she has a younger child. She left the children and went to Pakistan. After converting to Islam, she changed her name to Fatima.

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Anju Husband Arbind

Anju’s husband Arvind lives in Rajasthan. He expressed hope that Anju would return soon. Arvind said that his wife had left home on Thursday saying she was going to Jaipur, but later the family came to know that she had reached Pakistan.Anju’s husband came to know that Anju reached Pakistan and got married with Nasrullah, got married and Anju converted to Islam, after that there are various discussions among the people.

Anju’s husband Arvind has gone missing from Rajasthan leaving his home. According to media reports, Arvind’s attitude towards Anju is missing since yesterday afternoon at 2:00 pm. Earlier it was told that someone in the family had left the house due to ill health, but later it came to know that Sanju’s husband Arvind’s entire family is missing from the house.

Anju Nasrullah

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Husband in pakistanNasrullah
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Here Anju’s family is crying badly, Anju’s husband Arvind is facing a lot of trouble, on the other side Anju’s children are crying badly because Anju left 2 children and went to Pakistan, Anu’s eldest child is 15 years old. The second child is 11 years old, the difficulties of the children have increased further.Will Anju return from Pakistan now? Anju has said that she will come to India but has again taken back visa and gone to Pakistan or some other country.

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