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Manipur Viral Video: In this article we will get information about Manipur women parade video viral on Twitter Telegram A video has gone viral from Manipur in which it can be seen that this video of Manipur women parade is becoming increasingly viral on social media and this incident of Manipur has shaken the whole nation, the amount of condemnation of this kind of act is less, Manipur viral video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Manipur Viral Video

Regarding this whole incident Manipur’s journalist has given a report to The Hindu, in this report it has been told that after raping women, women were found in open posture in front of the camera and this is very scary news for all of us.

Manipur viral video date is said to be 4th May 2023 After a long time this video went viral on social media Criminals are coming to the front line for being one of the opposition parties of a tribal in Manipur They forced the women to strip, then made them roam around the entire village, and then gang-raped them.

What’s In The Manipur Woman Paraded Video News

A case has already been registered in such a criminal matter. Officials have said that those who are involved in this incident will not be spared under any circumstances, they will be taken to court and appropriate action will be taken against them. looking for link and video to watch manipur parade video online we condemn such people and we don’t host manipur video link to watch it.

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Manipur Woman Paraded Video Viral On Social Media

Artical TitleManipur Woman Paraded Video
Current CM Of ManipurN. Biren Singh
MinistryBhartiya Janta Party
Viral Video Date04 May 2023
Manipur Viral Video LinkClick Here

Manipur Original Viral Video Telegram and twitter

Both the women have been physically, socially and mentally broken in this incident as the parade videos are going viral since yesterday on popular social media telegram and twitter channels. Most of the social media asked to be removed as soon as the videos are removed and soon the same videos removeThe culprits have made the video themselves and deliberately made it viral. After watching the video and listening to this news, a tense atmosphere has been created in the state.

Government of India has sent notice on twitter as I am making every possible effort to avoid the position of government on social media and also identify those people in whom can be seen against them in the video. Preliminary legal action is in progress

This type of incident seems to be embarrassing not only in Manipur but the whole country. This incident is highly condemnable and the amount of condemnation of this incident is less. Members of the Bharatiya Janata Party, especially Modi ji and the President of India, are constantly being criticized for the continuous crimes against women in India.

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Manipur Viral Video Link

Manipur Viral Video, At Telegram and Twitter

Manipur viral video is fast becoming viral on social media telegram and twitter

Manipur Viral Video link At Telegram

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