Nifty Prediction Today January 04, 2024 Live

Nifty Prediction Today January 04, 2024 Live At present the decline in Nifty is going on and as seen in the last two days, there is a continuous decline in Nifty and similarly a decline was seen on the previous day and in the same way today also you will see a decline in Nifty. Because today is the expiry of Nifty, hence the time is coming for Nifty to fall. Let us learn in detail about Nifty today in this post.

Today you will see ups and downs in Nifty throughout the day. Today is the expiry day, due to this on one hand you will see the market going to last. Today there is more expectation of decline in the market but if we talk about Asian market then C market is also not looking good. Nifty has definitely been a gift, here we are seeing 50 points plus and this gives hope that today Nifty will start around 21550, today Nifty will have a flat opening.

Nifty 50 January Futures ( 21500)

The decline in Nifty 50 will continue as it was seen on the previous day, in the same way today you will see a slight decline in Nifty 50. The fight that is going to take place in Nifty 50 today is going to take place between 21400 to 21600, above the record of 21500 today. Nifty will go up but it is a bit difficult to go above 21600, so here we will consider the support range of 21400 to 21600.

Today Most Active Nifty

Nifty Prediction Today January 04, 2024 Live
Nifty Prediction Today January 04, 2024 Live
Nifty Nifty 21,400
NiftyNifty 21,450
NiftyNifty 21,500
NiftyNifty 21,550
NiftyNifty 21,600

Today Nifty will see activity around 21500. Today Nifty is about to expire in the market, so you need to be a little careful. Trade in quantity today. Today Nifty will be between 21400, 21500 and 21600. A trend of 21500 will be seen. After breaking, Nifty is more likely to fall down, so be a little careful.

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Global Indices

There is mixed trading in Asian markets. Today Gift Nifty is 50+ points positive and in such a situation the market is seeing good signs. Talking about Nikkei, Nikkei is in negative – 400 points.

Gift Nifty21,630
+50 Point
Dow Jones Futures37,465
+35 Point
-129 Point
Dow Jones37,430
-284 Point
S&P 5004,704
-39 Point
-415 Point

Nifty Live chart

Nifty 50 Futures

Nifty 50 is trading around 21500 in January, hence a negative impact may be seen in the market today and it is expected to go up to 21400, but if we talk about Nifty, it is expected to cross the high of 21600, in such a situation, you will see a negative impact in the market today. There will be uproar throughout the day.

Today Nifty

As we have told in the post above in the table which Nifty are going to be active today, if you are looking for which Nifty to trade today, then we have given you some Nifty in the above tables which They are going to be most active today, today you can trade in them here, now the market is going down or the market is going UP.According to that, you are advised to trade in Nifty as per the market, but it is going to be the most active and today is the expiry of Nifty, in such a situation, you have to be very cautious and trade today.

Suppoorts -21,400

Resistances– 21,650

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