Onion Price today

Onion Price today: In today’s post, we are going to talk about what is going to be the rate of onion in today’s market, what is going to be the price, so tell all your information, in such a situation, you are thinking that onion means onion in the market today. What is the price of onion, then we are going to give you complete information in this post that what is the price in the market today.


Onion Mandi Price today

Talk about today’s onion price in the market, today’s lowest onion price is ₹ 1000 per quintal, talk about the maximum onion price, the market rate is more than Rs. 2200 per quintal, talk about the price of good quality onion If done, they are being sold at ₹ 1900 now, in such a situation, onion rates are expected to increase further in the market. You can read more today, on August 27, 2023, the price of onion is open in the market around ₹ 2000.

Avg market price1500 Rs/- Quintal
Min Market price1000 Rs/-Quintal
Max market Price2200 Rs/-Quintal
Price Update today27.08.2023

Onion Price Today in uttar Pradesh

Commodity DateMarketMin PriceMax Price
Onion28/08/2023ShadabadRs 900/- QuintalRs 1000/- Quintal
Onion28/08/2023GulavatiRs 2000/-Rs 2200/-
Onion28/08/2023AgraRs 1650/- Rs 1850/-
Onion28/08/2023AligarhRs 1850/-Rs 1950/-
Onion28/08/2023AllahabadRs 1850/-Rs 2100/-
Onion28/08/2023MihipurwaRs 2000/-Rs 2100/-
Onion28/08/2023JasvantnagarRs 1935/-Rs 2035/-
Onion28/08/2023BindkiRs 1880/-Rs 1950/-
Onion28/08/2023DivaiRs 900/-Rs 1100/-
Onion28/08/2023kosikalanRs 1400/-Rs 1500/-

Onion Price

At this time, onion prices are going to skyrocket, onion is going to be expensive, considering this, we have given you today’s onion market price, hope that you will be getting a good price here in the market price. If we talk about it, then the prices of onions are going to increase further, the government has also taken a decision regarding the prices of onions, in which 40 percent will be imposed on which will be available like onions.

If we talk about the rate of onion, then the rate of onion in the market is slightly less, if we talk about the price of the market, it is a bit high. If we talk about the symbols, then the rate of onion per kg in the market means that the price of onion is ₹ 22 per kg. If we talk about the market, then the price of this onion is ₹ 40 per kg in the market.

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That’s why farmers are bringing less onion in the market at this time because they are expecting that the price of onion will increase further, then they will send their thirst, then for your information, let us tell you that there is a possibility of increasing onion in the future, but the government does not want that onion If the rates fall, then this is to say to the farmers that they can give their onions at this time, it has a good rate, although in the coming time, the rate of onion may be ₹ 60 per kg in retail.

Hope you have easily got complete information about today’s market onion price in our post, if you still have any question, you can ask us in the comment box, do you want to ask us about any market price? If yes then you can ask in the comment box.

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